Someone is stealing your real name

You probably don’t know this but there are 340+ Social Media type Networks out there and you probably only know of two (twitter & facebook).

If you’re ahead of the game you got onto twitter & facebook and got your nickname or something funny but did you bother to check your real name?

What if there’s another person out there who has the same name as you? or your same last name? What if that person turned out to be an axe murderer? became someone famous? or what if they were a U.S. Army reservist who was convicted of prisoner abuse in connection with the 2003–2004 Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal?

My last name is “Graner” and my Uncle’s name is “Charles Graner” but that’s not him in the link above. I haven’t had too many questions about my last name but my Uncle has, how embarrassing for him to always have that lingering over him.

Now imagine if this guy got your twitter or facebook name and started to run a muck on your good name? UGH!

You probably think that this won’t happen to you and you’d be right, it is far-fetched but it does happen and you should get out in front of it if you can.

I’m currently looking at KnowEm.Com and Claim.IO, they both seem very slick as I can check my names on all their social networks and they will (for a fee) sign my name up for all of them.

I haven’t chosen yet so if you have one of these services let me know what you think ?