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Current blog publishing workflow

I’ve been working on some wordpress blogs lately and have a process that I follow to keep things as automated for “publishing” as possible.

The issue is that we can do things manually and keep it “pure” as they say but there’s a lot of tools that let you connect and push so lets make things better for sharing your thoughts with the world as quickly as possible when you hit the Publish button.

I currently have a blog setup and one way to help automate the “publishing” of your blog post is to use Jetpack. Using Jetpack, you can connect your blog to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. so when a new post is released, it also shares it with those sites.

Another tool for you to us is Buffer.com which allows you to do that same thing as Jetpack but has a couple other social media platforms i.e. Pinterest & Instagram to connect to.

I’m on a schedule of one post a week right now and I use the mobile phone app for wordpress to post things on the fly but I always know that once a week I have something to share.

It’s the slow growth model and based on my reading, it’s going to take about a year of consistent posting before you even sniff a large user base but that shouldn’t really be your goal. Your goal IMHO should be to get the right people reading your blog and speaking to them in a way that you both can learn from a discussion you generated.

MY CURRENT PROCESS: I post using WordPress.com which uses the Jetpack plugin, that covers posting to my accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Path & Eventbrite. I then go to Buffer.com and setup a post for Pinterest & Instagram._