Free Developer Tools Recommendations via DEVTO.

Here's a great article sharing some some free developer tools that are a must to keep track of if you do any development on the web at all.

I always love the listicles of "free developer tools" when they show up online and the ones from are no joking matter.

a couple of them that struck me are was the release of Azure Static Web Apps which was just releastd on May 20th, 2020. the look to be taking on the likes of Netlify, Github Pages, Surge and Zeit. It's always nice to have another player in the mix helping move forward.

and which blew me away because it's always a site that I wanted to build but never got it done. it will auto generate your CSS or HTML along with other things like Meta Tags, Open Graph etc.

you can see the article here and also a much bigger site from Fayaz at Appy Dev where it looks like he's keeping track of more development tools.

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