Classless CSS Frameworks for Prototyping.

Classless CSS Frameworks are great for quick project demos or prototyping when you have to have to get html out there quickly for clients or your side projects.

A beautiful CSS framework designed for minimalists.Wing - beautiful CSS framework designed for minimalists

If you're like me, you're not so much into pixel pushing your HTML design so when you build side projects or projects to show off some code, you want to find something simple.

Yeah, yeah, there's bootstrap out there but even that gets to be too much as I really want to get my project "working" and not worry about the look and feel for now so you want to find a classless css framework which you can add to your tag and it's only 10kb ... what a blessing!

My favorite is "WingCSS" and when it's ready to go it's about 2kb in file size (minified + gzipped).

Just add this to your section and you're in business
<link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>

links to other classless css frameworks
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