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Alternative Web Analytics Service

In response to a question on indiehackers.com asking about alternative services or web analytics so I guess that he’s thinking about moving away from Google Analytics.

In the past I’ve used a service located at “statcounter.com” which has a free tier with ads. I enjoyed it for it’s simplicty and being NOT Google.

Couple of good things to like about it, reports delived to you via email and also table based results so if you have multiple sites like I do, you don’t have to scroll forver to see what is going on.

The only bad thing about using statcounter is that my uBlock Origin says that they have 20+ trackers on their site so maybe it’s time to look at a different service. I understand they are putting ads and such on their site to make money for the free plan but 20+ trackers gets to be a bit much.

Give it a whirl if you’re looking to jump off Google Analytics asap and I’m sure there are more services out there.