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How to check on your SSRS Execution Log History using a SQL Script

Using this sql script I’m able to run it and get a quick list of what SSRS reports just ran. The script also gives me details like the username, format of report, the report name and what parameters we’re used in creating the SSRS report.

It’s a pretty handy SQL script for seeing data quickly. I also found this online and modified it for my use but if anyone knows of the originator of this, let me know.

Happy to give credit for all these. I found lots of scripts like these online and because SSRS isn’t super popular, maybe that’s why I can’t find them as easily anymore.

SELECT  ex.UserName ,
        ex.Format ,
        ex.TimeStart ,
        cat.Name ,
        ex.Parameters ,
        CONVERT(NVARCHAR(10), ex.TimeStart, 101) AS rundate
FROM    ExecutionLog AS ex ,
        Catalog AS cat
WHERE   ex.ReportID = cat.ItemID
ORDER BY ex.TimeStart DESC;