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Move and Resize Windows on your Mac

I hate it when I have Mac Apps that aren’t full screen. I’ve seen some people with crazy desktop apps that I wonder how they get anything done.

They resize windows so much that they overlap with other windows and they end up running their apps in a postage size area…DRIVES ME NUTS TO SEE THAT!

What’s even crazier is that I’m not a person that is known to be very well organized or considered orderly but when it comes to the size of my windows on my Mac, I gotta have them maximized and consistent.

So how do I do my work? I use a lot of Cmd + Tab and three fingers swiping up on my trackpad to go to all my different apps. It works great for me and I’m sure I’m not the only one but the idea is that you should find a process that gets you productive and this is mine.

In the past I used the software from Helium Foot https://www.heliumfoot.com/mercurymover/ but he looks to have abandoned the it. He does state on his website that he’s an indy developer and like most of us, is pretty busy supporting his family being a developer so hopefully he picks it up later on, it was really good.

I am now using the SpectacleApp, it’s currently free and is being maintained on their Github account https://github.com/eczarny/spectacle.

The biggest change from my old software is that I have 2 keyboard commands that I run and that’s it when I want to resize my apps:

  1. Fullscreen – I use the command to go full screen with all my apps
  2. Make Smaller – I then click the make smaller command which resizes the windows on all sides and gives me a consistent sizing of my app.