freeCodeCamp radio is 24/7 music designed for coding.

Recommendation for programming music, i.e. coding music or music to listen to while you're in "flow".

Programming music from freeCodeCampfreeCodeCamp Radio. 24/7 music designed for coding

I really hate to say it but the music app on my Mac is slow, slow, slow :( Searching for music takes a long time and it will crash on me every once in awhile (please make this better Apple)

So, as a programmer who likes to continue programming into the evening playing with the next "insert shiny object here", I decided to go with freeCodeCampRadio for my streaming music.

It's perfect for what I'm looking for, no lyrics, purely instrumental chill music where I can do some thinking while building out my next site or app. I highly recommend you give it a whirl the next time you need some music for your programming "flow".

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