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Site for wicked cool Text Logos and it's free

When I create new websites I’ll go with LogoNerds.com to get an initial logo completed and the cost is $27.

I do that because I can get as many revisions as I want for the first logo and it’s early on in the website process so if the site doesn’t work out I can dump it and it didn’t really cost me a lot of money.


I just found a new site Textcraft which is a graphical text/logo generator that you use over the web. You can use it to make Minecraft, 8-bit and other styles of text.

It’s really slick so now I make a fun text logo for my new sites and if the site makes it thru all the testing and has some promise, I’ll move back to LogoNerds.com but for now Textcraft is very slick and free for now.